• LPG Kit is 30-40% cheaper than CNG.
  • LPG Tank is very light as compared to CNG
  • Filling time of LPG is up to 40 liters/minute CNG takes a long time to fill.
  • LPG is available in many cities in India Unlike CNG. In cities in which CNG is available, its availability is more.
  • Distance covered after filling tank once is almost double in LPG then CNG. This reduces number of visits to fuel station (gas station).
  • CNG driving is economically more beneficial than LPG. If you have a run of more than 1500kms / month, then CNG will give better ROI, but if run is less than 1500 KM / month then LPG should be preferred.

LPG is stored at 20 Bar pressure while CNG at 200 Bar pressure, although both are safe