CNG Accessories

Raghav LPG provides premium quality CNG accessories at standar prizes to its consumers and make it available of all near retro fitment center. All consumers can buy all accessories and remain botheration free for a trouble free drive. This all accessories are designed as per approved standards and are ARAI / ICAT certified-

CNG Emulator and Harness

Use of injector imitator ( also known as emulator) ensures avoidance of cutting of critical ECM related wires of original wiring of your vehicle and help in maintaining normal functioning of ECM. Use of components/ Relays from reputed brands like HONGFA, FR Grade PBT Connectors & Silicon Rubber Rings backed with ARAI approved wiring harness ensure botheration free long life.

CNG Switch

Specifically designed NG branded switches are made on automated machines ensuring endurance and reliability for long lasting use. It has three ways functionality giving driver a power to select fuel type while running as well as while starting the vehicle. It also directs operations of your fuel pump of petrol while running on CNG, thus ensuring safety of petrol related components also.

CNG Level meter

Level meter gives you power to select fuel type and see the level of fuel in your vehicle. it have ARAI Approved wiring harness, ensures peerless connectivity and performance for once and all.

CNG SS Pipe and Ducting pipe

ARAI approved, Premium quality orange coloured copper tubes,Seamless steel tubes, Braided, extra strong, durable and crack resistance hoses are supplied along with NG gas kit. These tubes are of standard wall thickness & Metallurgy. For rubber hoses, understanding different compatibility requirements of fuel and coolant, specifically different rubber is used for CNG and hoses.

CNG Tank

CNG is stored in strong seamless containers at a pressure of 200 bar (2900 psi), CNG in any approved cylinder is highly safe.CNG cylinders are put through exhaustive and extreme tests which include firing bullets at the canister, roasting it over a roaring bonfire and impact tests in which a crane drops the cylinder at multiple impact points. The rigorous manufacturing process backed with stringent testing norms make it safer than gasoline tanks containing a much more flammable and toxic substance.