Raghav LPG is a team of young entrepreneurs engaged in marketing of excellent quality Gas equipments. Its product range   includes NG Gas CNG / LPG kits, Tomasetto Achille (Italy) Vaporizers/Regulators, Multivalve, related Gas kit Accessories and a range of CNG and LPG Tanks. The company believes in providing genuine technology which ensures trouble free vehicle drivability. Raghav LPG feels that there are a lot of misconceptions in the mind of end users regarding Gas conversion kits. Raghav LPG will strive to overcome all the misconceptions on safety & performance and is committed to contribute in keeping the environment clean and also ensure lower running costs to the vehicle owners.The products of Raghav Lpg are passed through strict quality tests having all relevant approvals like ECE R67.02, ISO 15500, approval of BIS, approval of DEPT OF EXPLOSIVE for tanks and TUV certificates for Multi valves. The company endeavors to satisfy the ever-increasing demands and expectations of its valued customers and comply with the new technologies coming in the field of automobiles.

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We offer CNG kit for sequential as well as conventional models. For more details CNG


Raghav / NG / Ace LPG kits in sequential and conventional technology offers a wide range. For more details LPG


Our kits and accessories are approved from ICAT / ARAI / BIS / CCOE. For more details Approvals


Our retro fitment centers are located in more than 40 cities in India. For more details Network

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Raghav LPG uses only approved and high standard quality of components for LPG and CNG system. Our equipment keep environment clean and save Petrodollars for users and nation.


Raghav LPG brings network of dedicated and experienced mechanics/ retro fitment centers spread in multiple cities of india. It enables user almost versatile freedom of movement with assured localised support.

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