LPG Accessories

Any consumer is comfortable with any automobile only if its genuine quality spares are available at standar prizes. Raghav LPG understand this point very well and assure that all components of genuine grade will always be available for consumers and Retro Fitment centers to support kit during its full usable life. Availability of genuine parts at a reasonable rate ensures proper maintenance and smooth running of vehicles. This all accessories are designed as per approved standards and are ARAI / ICAT certified.

LPG Copper,LPG Hoses and Ducting Pipe

ARAI approved, Premium quality orange coloured copper tubes,Seamless steel tubes, Braided, extra strong, durable and crack resistance hoses are supplied along with NG gas kit. These tubes are of standard wall thickness & Metallurgy. For rubber hoses, understanding different compatibility requirements of fuel and coolant, specifically different rubber is used for LPG and CNG hoses.

Premium quality LPG Switch and Level meter

Ng's Three stages fuel selector switch along with level meter gives you power to select fuel type and see the level of fuel in your vehicle. They have components from internationally recognized brands like GOODSKY and Export grade PCB with Anti corrosive gold plated contacts.These all, backed with ARAI approved wiring harness, ensures peerless connectivity and performance for once and all.

Filter Element and Plunger

Filter element is gas filtration systems for removal of dirt, dust, rust, condensates, moisture contents, oil impurities & exhaust fumes.

Gas Solenoid Valve

Gas solenoid valve regulates gas flow and filters LPG for removing impurities. It has dual function of removing the impurities from inward Gas as well as regulating the gas flow. It is difficult to achieve both these tasks simultaneously but careful quality control and proper selection of components ensure that NG Gas kit's GSV always servers both functions. Our coil has heat resistant, "H class" insulation with 11 watt rating instead of local "F class" and "8 watt" rating. Moreover, GSV has been designed on " Easy to Maintenance" principle.

LPG Capsule and Toroidal Tank

Special LPG grade steel is used for making LPG tank. These tank are tested with hydrostatic/ ultrasonic/ high pressure/ failure pressure testes etc. Each tank passes through stringent quality checks and is duly approved by Chief Controller of Explosives (CCOE) Nagpur and Beuro of Indian Standards (BIS).. These tanks come in various user friendly shapes and volume for storage of LPG.

LPG Mixer

LPG mixer is a device which ensure smooth mixing of LPG in intake oxygen of vehicle. Quality of mixer, its number of holes, their mutual spacing etc are parameters which help in performance and mileage. Vehicle specific, Fuel specific, Anti corrosive, Power coated mixers are supplied as standard component in NG/LPG gas kit. Their use ensures optimum balance between mileage and performance.