What is the right choice for my car? LPG or CNG ? What is the right choice for my car? LPG or CNG ? ADMIN

In this modern time, cars are important for everyone. Whether a person belongs to a higher or middle-income group, he has reasons to own a car.  Now, the car is not only a symbol of status but also it is important in our daily life. If there are four members in the family (Husband, wife and two children) it is not possible for them to use two-wheeler to go from one place to another. Also, in almost all Indian cities, the status of public transport is pathetic. Hence, the car is very essential to move from one place to another place.

Generally, We buy cars keeping some capital budget in mind. Various finance schemes are also available to support our buying decision. But, the actual problem arises when we need fuel for daily routine. On one side, the cost of running petrol cars is very high, diesel cars need more capital while buying and are heavy on the maintenance side. Moreover, diesel cars create more pollution on earth as well.

All the above problems have one answer only. Let’s get our petrol car retrofitted with either LPG or CNG gas kits.

Following are major benefits of installing LPG / CNG kits in any car


  1. LPG or CNG keeps the environment  clean in comparison to petrol or diesel.
  2. LPG or CNG is very economic in comparison to petrol / diesel.
  3. India import petrol and diesel from other countries and a lot of our dollars gets wasted in it. If we use LPG or CNG in our vehicle then we help country by reducing dependencies on import.
  4. LPG or CNG goes in engine in form of gas hence they are very clean and free from adulteration, thus increasing the life of the engine.


Now once we decide that we need CNG / LPG kit, the question arises that we should use which kit LPG or CNG? Though the answer to this is a matter of personal choice still we are giving following thumb rules-

  1. Check your city has which pump LPG / CNG or both. Many cities have only one type of pump so the selection is obvious.
  2. How much is your daily run- As CNG kits are costly, if your daily run is more ( say 80 km a day or 2500 per month) than CNG is better, else go for LPG kit.
  3. Drive distance between two refills- This drive distance is more in LPG kits. LPG vehicle run between two to three times more than same capacity CNG vehicle.
  4. While both CNG and LPG kits are better than diesel / Petrol car on pollution front,  CNG kits are still more ecofriendly than LPG kits. So if you want to base your decision on environment front than this point may help.
  5. As LPG kits are available in more cities more trained mechanics are available for LPG kits than CNG kits.


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