LPG OBD II- Sequential kit-

OBD is referred to On Board Diagnostics system. OBD is an advance computer based system designed with a dual objective of to reduce emissions by monitoring the air fuel mixture of engine and also monitor functioning of various components.It gives option to the mechanic to interact with vehicle components through a laptop and diagnose various components which help to fix many problems and improve the performance of vehicle. The major components are-


LPG Sequential kit also have one Electronic Control Unit which work in synch with Electronic Control Module (ECM) of car as its slave. ECU helps to receive signals from various sensors, calculates and provides the LPG fuel for gas operation of vehicle.

Rail injector

Rail Injector is a stepper motor controlled electronic injector which help in injecting fuel in different cylinders as per required firing sequence and amount.


Vaporiser is also known as Reducer. Its basic function is to reduce pressure of LPG and help it vaporize in vapours for proper combustion.It is also connected with coolant of vehicle so that its working temperature is maintained high.



This is the most critical component of LPG kit and has multiple functions as indicated by its name. It gives controlled option for gas refilling, level indication, 80% fill limiting, control over excess flow, shut off valve and special safety feature like Thermal plug,

Gas solenoid valve

It is a component which keeps LPG supply in shut off mode when vehicle's Engine is not running. It also has an inbuilt filter to allow only clean LPG to pass through it.

Copper and Tube

ARAI approved, thoroughly tested, tubes are used to transfer fuel from tank to reducer.. All pipes are PVC coated for further safety. Similarly to transfer coolant and low pressure LPG vapors, braided hoses are used.


Specifically designed branded switches are made on automated machines ensuring endurance and reliability for long lasting use.

Level sensor

Level sensor provide the information the level of fuel in your vehicle.

LPG Tank

LPG is stored in the vehicle in liquid form in a cylinder. Auto LPG tank comes in various capacities like 60 lit, 75 lit, 50 lit, 43 lit, 34 lit, 25 lit and 15 lit etc.

Hardware pouch

Hardware pouch is combination of various small parts of standard quality required for complete fitment of a kit. It contains clamps, nuts, ferrule, cable tie, connector, steel screw and plastic cover to tie kit's parts easily. Though these items sound simpler but use of excellent quality of hardware material is very important for long life of kit and fitment.