Maintenance is very important to keep the consistent vehicle performance and it's mileage. It's outcome- it will improve the vehicle life and run smoothly. For this, User should be very careful about maintenance and servicing. After fitment user take care of following points-

    If there is any tuning to be done in vehicle. It must be get it done through an authorised workshop of the company.

    Unauthorised person must not rectify any problem in engine/fuel system.

    User should maintain vehicle on periodical bases, like changing new hoses, diaphragms and other consumables from done by only authorised technician of the company.

    User should always take care of cleaning like Air filter, Vaporizer, Gas solenoid valve, checking water/ gas clamp, electrical connection, all joints for tightness, check setting of spark plug and ignition system in a specific time duration.

    Company refer first servicing should be on or after 1000 km or 1 to 2 weeks after fitment and then every 5000 Km or 4 months (Whichever is earlier) it should be.

    If user is using Sequential OBD II kit in vehicle, He/ She should well aware about ECU knowledge i.e how ECU cable connect with laptop and how sharing system will work so authorised person should resolve the issues very quickly.

    User should fill the fuel on time so all component can work in well manner with consistency.